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Sealife Scarborough
Scalby Mills, Scarborough, 
North Yorks YO12 6RP
Tel: 01723 376 125

About Sealife Scarborough

Sealife Scarborough is based at Scalby Mills, on the captivating North Yorkshire coast, and it is one of the country’s top marine centres and family attractions. Scarborough Sealife and Marine Sanctuary undertook a largescale revamp of its facilities over recent years and is now a cutting edge family attraction, providing a variegated, informative and exciting family day out. A visit to Sealife Scarborough takes in an amazing other world beneath the waves, from the eye-catching Great Barrier Reef zone that is alive with bright and  colourful fishes, to the elegant cow nose stingrays and glorious basking sharks that constantly patrol their coral abode. Ticket holders should also keep an eye out for the cave-inhabiting Lionfish, not to mention species such as the stunning Moray Eels and Clownfish. 

The unconventional pyramid structure that houses Sealife Scarborough has amazing views over the majestic North Bay, and British marine creatures are a feature of its many tanks, among them orphan, sick and injured grey seal young from the local area. Further, the otter sanctuary for Asian short-clawed otters offers them respite and rehabilitation, while the sea turtle Convalescence Pool and Turtle Reef Walk-through in the coral reef zone allow ticket holders to observe rescued Loggerhead turtles. They swim beside black tip and leapord sharks, not to mention thousands of tropical fish. Another exotic feature of a family day out in Sealife Scarborough are the bizarre cephalopods that reside in The Lair of the Octopus section, as well as the Giant Japanese Spider Crabs in Claws, whose claws grow to a staggering three metres. 

Another key aspect of the open-all-year family attraction that the weather cannot wash out are flotillas of Jellyfish that light up white clothing thanks to their on-board irridescence, Humboldt penguins that skitter around their Penguin Sanctuary, and the impressive main Ocean Tank, which boasts an enthralling walkthrough underwater tunnel, featuring the wreck of a brigantine, the Black-eyed Susan, which went down off Scarborough during a major storm in 1880. Besides all that, The Kingdom of the Seahorse and Sealife Scarborough’s pioneering breeding efforts have nurtured many rare species, while the Jurassic Seas zone has a mock-up of the prehistoric seas and houses a number of the oceans’ living dinosaurs, which have remained little changed for millions of years. 

Visitors to Sealife Scarborough can also enjoy the Captain Pugwash Quiz Trail, the soft play area, café, a refreshments kiosk, and the Education Centre, and with disabled access and nearby car parking, Sealife Scarborough is a leading family attraction that everyone can revel in during a lively and educational family day out. 

With no fewer than 30 displays, a rolling programme of feeding sessions, talks by staff and a touch pool for interactive encounters with marine species, Sealife Scarborough is just the ticket for a memorable family day out.