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Join in one of their family activity sessions

‘Amphibian Action’
Amphibians like frogs, newts and salamanders are truly amazing creatures.  There are 6,000 different types of amphibians and these can be found in many types of habitat, including rainforest, swamps and deserts.  You may also be lucky enough to have some amphibians in your own back garden or in your school grounds.  Come along to one of our ‘Amphibian Action’ family activity sessions and find out more about these fascinating animals.

‘Animal Superheroes’
All animals have very special features, which make them perfectly suited for surviving in their habitats.  Super defences, interesting diets, special weapons and amazing abilities help animals survive some tricky situations.  Join in on one of our family activity sessions to find out about some of the animal superheroes that we have here at Marwell.

‘Save YOUR Planet’
Planet Earth is a diverse and beautiful planet, with millions of different types of animals and plants.  Sadly, many of these are threatened with extinction, often because of the actions of humans.  It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are lots of things that we can all do, starting in your very own back yard.  Come to one of our family activity sessions and find out about some of the things you can do to look after the wildlife in your very own bit of planet Earth.

All family sessions will include the opportunity to make a craft item and they will give you a ‘take-home’ activity, so you can carry on your animal adventure back at home.

MARWELL Zoological Park
Colden Common
Winchester, Hampshire
SO21 1JH
Fax: 01962 777511

Opening times and Prices:

Please visit Marwell Zoological Park’s website for up-to-date opening times and prices.


By Road:
FREE PARKING. From M3 – Junction 11 northbound and Junction 11 southbound. From M27 – Junction 5 eastbound and Junction 10 westbound. Marwell is situated just off the B2177 (between Colden Common and Bishops Waltham). Marwell Zoological Park is well signposted with brown and white tourist signs.

By Rail:
The nearest train station is Southampton Airport Parkway (7 miles) and Eastleigh (5 miles).

By Bus:
Solent Blue Line Tel: 023 8061 8233
Red Rocket F bus (Eastleigh – Waltham Chase)
Southampton – Eastleigh – use Blue Star 2
Stage Coach Tel: 0870 608 2608
Route 69 (Winchester – Fareham)
Southampton – Winchester – use route 46

By Air:
Southampton Airport 7 miles from the zoo.